Alien Zone

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Basic Information

  • Wuhan hummingbird Mobile Software Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Action and Adventure
  • 1.4
  • 2017-03-29
  • 68.01MB

About The Game

The space station is under invasion!!! The city is on the verge of a plague!!! The whole world is moving towards devastation!!! And now, ONLY YOU ARE THE SAVIOR!!! The exquisite 3D Graphics and Real-time light, shadow, lambency and depth effect enable you to experience a 3D next-gen console game on mobile platforms. 22 completely different stages with distinctive scenes ensures a breath of fresh air every minute in the game. Romantic park, perilous factory, trap-filled power station, besieged lab? Are you ready to set off? Extremely Exciting Battles await you. Are you fed up with fighting against only one or several monsters at a time? Here's your chance to sweep away an enemy swarm. A wide variety of traps that make your every move full of suspense. You have to break through waves of monsters and become the true Savior! Perfect Combination of ARPG and Shooter Games. It is an APRG with character levels, equipment, perks and treasure hunt systems. Unique Game Systems ★Character Level★ Characters will level up by means of defeating monsters and completing quests. ★Perks System★ Characters are endowed with multiple perks and can enjoy different gameplays. ★Random Equipment System★ The game offers millions of equipment like Diablo, in this way you can choose your own game mode according to your preference. To be an iron warrior or bloodthirsty killer, or both of them? You call the shots on your battlefield! ★Random Monsters★ Different monsters will randomly show up in different places, spice up your gameplay ★Package System★ You will get various help and fantastic packages at a specific level, times and stages.

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