What is the size of a game?

The size of a game is between 2 MB and 2 GB.

For games larger than 10 MB, the download is divided into 2 parts.

Only a small part of the game (under 5 MB) is saved in the internal memory of the device. The rest of the game is saved on the SD Card.

Where can I find the games I already bought? Can I re-download them for free?

Yes, you can re-download all the games you bought for free over a 3-year period, provided you keep the same device and same telephone number. In the MTN Game + store (on device or web), you will find a section called My Downloads. All the games that you purchased will be listed in this section once you enter your device number and/or your email address. If you bought your games through your device bill, your device number will be enough. If you bought your games using a credit card, the MTN Game + store LIVE! or MTN Game + store account will be needed. If you get your device replaced by your carrier, you will not see the games you previously bought in the My Downloads section. You will need to contact our Customer Care and they will re-send the games you bought. If for any other reason a game that you bought is not listed in My Downloads and you would like to re-download it for free, please contact our Customer Care and they will re-send the game. Customer Care: MTNGame@gmail.com.

Can I get updates of the games I already bought?

If a game that was already released needs an update to fix some bugs, we will release an update and you will be informed that an update is available as soon as you open the game. In rare cases where we have fixed a major bug (but chances are small, since our games are tested hundreds of times on all devices), we will also send you an email or an SMS to let you know that the game has been fixed and that a new version is available. You will, of course, be able to download it for free.